Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Campbell Week 12

We made it through two days of both Addyson and Campbell going to day care as well as mom going to work. I think we are all exhasted by the end of the day but we are somehow getting through it!

One of these weeks we are going to get Campbell to smile during these pics...so far she acts like she isn't enjoying herself!

Trying out the bumbo for the first time!

Trying to fit into the play mat. One day very soon there isn't going to be enough room and Campbell is going to kick her big sister out!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Campbell Week 11 & Disney on Ice w.Addyson

Well we made it through our first 1/2 week back to work! Campbell spent those days at home with family watching her. Next week she will be going to daycare with her big sister! Sad that it is that day already -- where did the time go!?
Campbell at 11 Weeks - getting much stronger and smiling more and more!

Campbell and her big sister!

We had an extremely busy week this week...I think we tried to pack everything in. On Tuesday Jeff ran the Ghost and Goblin 5k (ran it in 21 minutes). So mom supported him while Grandma Rhonda watched the girls. And then on Thursday night we took Addyson to Disney on Ice with the Francis'. Addyson had so much fun and did not want it to end. Just a few pictures...
Dad and Addyson before the show

Addyson and Mom before the show

Daisy and Minnie taking us on a safari

The rest of the gang..

Addyson and the Francis' loving every minute of Disney on Ice.

Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and all the other characters from the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Milo & Stitch, and Peter Pan. Both Mom and Dad enjoyed singing the songs from these shows!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Campbell's Baptism

Campbell was baptized this Sunday, Oct 16 at St Patricks Church in Troy. The day was beautiful and both girls behaved wonderfully! Campbell's godparents are her aunt Mallorie and her uncle Steve. Campbell stayed awake until after she was baptized and then feel asleep and stayed asleep for the rest of mass.
Campbell being baptized by Deacon John

Godfather Steve, Addyson, Mom, Campbell, Deacon John, Dad and Godmother Mallorie

Grandma & Grandpa Brand and Grandma Rhonda


Campbell with her baptismal gown - which her Grandma Brand made for her mom (and aunts) to wear for their baptisms.

Campbell and her big sister

Visit to Columbus Zoo

During my last week of maternity leave we headed to the Columbus Zoo with both girls, Grandpa Brand and Aunt Lindsey. We had a great day at the Zoo and wore all of us out! The weather was really nice - mild temp, a bit overcast and no wind. It did sprinkle a couple of times on us but nothing to stop us.

Lindsey was behind the camera for most of the day so this is the only picture we have of her.

Mom and Addy watching Gorilla Oliver (I think that was his name!)

Addyson loved the baby Gorilla who was a year old. I think the Gorillas were her favorite (except for the polar bears!)

Campbell LOVED the zoo! ;) This is pretty much what she did the whole visit.

Grandpa, Mom and Addy

Awake for just a bit.

Addy posing by the tiger.

All of the Reed girls

We took lots of pictures of the animals but only sharing a couple.

Addyson relaxing while eating her animal crackers

Our slow pokes tailing behind!

Polar Bears!!

Did not even make it out of the zoo and both of them were fast asleep! Successful trip!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our last week of our stress-free life (aka maternity leave!). ;) Oh, just kidding, except for the one week left. I think Campbell is ready to broaden her friend network and I know Addyson is ready for her little sister to be in the next room..just not sure if I am ready to dive back into work. I'm sure I will be once we are back on track and get into a schedule. Of course our October and November are crazy busy so the next couple of months will fly by.

Week 10 of Campbell's little life has been full of smiles and play time. She has been a great baby so far(knock on wood!).

This past weekend we headed to Xavier Bertke's 4th Birthday Party at a Corn Maize near Columbus. The weather was beautiful and the day was filled with a lot of great friends and fun times.
Addyson really enjoyed going down this slide - did it over and over! There's a video below of Addyson and cousin Reece going down the slide!  
Dad and Addyson on this huge jumpy thing. It was a bit much for Addyson to enjoy by herself so Dad got to help her out Notice little Reece Magoteaux in the background, doing a wipe-out.
Addyson and Dad jumping along with cousins Reece and Angela Magoteaux (behind the girl with the orange shirt)
More jumpy pics - Dad, Addyson and Reece
An action shot!
Mom and Addyson!
Proof that Campbell came with us...!
The picture doesn't show it, but everyone had a lot of fun. Some of the kids on the hay ride to pick up a pumpkin, right before heading home. The tired bunch -- Xavier Bertke (birthday boy), Nolan & Madelyn Roscoe and Addyson
Addyson and Dad with the pumpkins we picked out

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Campbell - Week 9 & 2mo Well Visit / Trip to Aquarium

Campbell had her 2 month well visit on Tuesday. Her "stats" are staying pretty consistent from her 2 week well visit. Fingers are crossed that she stays consistent with her height percentile!

Weight: 10 lbs, 10.5 oz (50%) -- her 2 week percentile was 55%
Height: 23 3/4" (90%) -- her 2 week percentile was 90%
Head Circ: 15 3/4" (76%) -- her 2 week percentile was 75%
And just in case you were wondering, at Addyson's 2 month well visit she weighed 10lbs, 8oz (50%), and was only 23" (75%) in length.

Campbell after her Well Visit - complete with 3 Snoopy band-aids (which you can't see in the picture)!

Last Friday Grandma Rhonda packed up the girls and met us down in Cincy for a trip to the Aquarium. We (mom and dad) were already down in Cincy because we went to the Toby Keith / Eric Church concert at Riverbend on Thursday night for our anniversary. Fortunately Dad splurged on the tickets and we were in the seating section, under roof. We were very relieved as a huge storm blew in - lots of rain and dropping temps. Other than that little inconvenience the concert was awesome!

The aquarium was also a lot of fun - Addyson enjoyed seeing all of the big and little fish.
Addy and "Nemo" -- we had a bit of an attitude at the
beginning of our visit!
Luckily we were able to get rid of it!

Addy in the Frog Room - I think her favorite part.

"soooo big"

A whopping 30lbs!

Addyson with Grandma Rhonda