Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hard to believe it is just March with the 80 degree temps we are having! We are definitely enjoying the time outside.... and the inside since none of these pics are outside.

In trying to get Cam and the laundry basket from one room to the next, she went along for the ride. She apparently did not like the ride -- not good enough for her I guess. Atleast the laundry was clean!

Addy decided that Cam did not want to wait on mom any longer and decided to feed Cam herself. Cam was all for it!

Addyson is in a "gym" class at the Y. Once a week she learns how to play basketball, soccer, floor hockey and tee-ball. We have floor hockey and tee-ball left. Floor hockey should be very interesting! Let's give 3-5 year olds sticks to whirl around.

Addyson's perfect form. "no hands"

Campbell and Addyson loving each other!

Trying to take Campbell's weekly pics - this is take 2 of 10.

Week 33 -- the best one.
All others don't show the sheet OR Cam isn't looking at the camera.

Take 10...and we are done. Cam can have the paper!

Addyson made a bird nest at day care - complete with a bird and jelly bean eggs.
She was very quick to want to open the eggs up and eat them! No interest in waiting to see what might hatch.

Campbell and Dad playing. (yes, she is wearing a diaper!)

Zerberts are sooooo much fun!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 32

Hard to believe she is 32 weeks old already, starting to roll over more the past few weeks and I think getting ready to start crawling soon.
Grandpa and Grandma Reed spent this week in Ohio and had lot's of fun with Addyson and Campbell. Probably spoiled them a little too much, but that is what are Grandparents for?! This week we celebrated both Grandpa Reed and Mom's birthday. We had a nice dinner with the entire Reed family. Lasagna, cake and ice cream - yum!
Addyson with the picture frame she picked out for Mom - it says "the girls" in it. All it needs is a picture.

Addy has been singing a lot of new songs recently. We wanted to capture a bit on video. Here she is preparing for her singing debut. The video is below.

Pull my finger

Cam loving on Addy, or trying to take a bite.

Cam and Addy doing airplane on the floor. Soon Cam was not happy and Addy had a face full of slobber.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 29, 30, & 31

Campbell Week 29

Campbell Week 30 - we may or may not have taken these pics on the same night! ;)

Campbell Week 31

She thinks she is big stuff!

Sisterly love!