Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Grandma and Grandpa Reed ended up staying for another couple of days, and we got to have dinner with Great G&G Reed too. Four generations of Reeds here. Just a quick update of some of the 400+ photos they took :)
Addyson and Grandma Denise
Static Electrictity anyone?
Sitting and watching ducks with Grandpa.
Bubbles with Grandma.
Addy and her new car
When mommy got home from one of her trips, yeah!!!
Hey stinker!
A trip to Andy's Garden playing in the jungle like a monkey.
Addyson Doing a summersault

Rocking on the horse...with some sort of shirt on her head and her cool new shoes!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Reed

This week mom is away for work and Grandma and Grandpa Reed are up from South Carolina watching Addyson. They have been having a lot of fun while Jeff is at work during the day. Today they went shopping and bought some fun stuff for miss Addyson. They got a little tikes car, and stuffed animal, and some gardening gloves that were just her size. This way she doesn't have to wear mom's gloves when helping pull weeds.
Addy cruising in her car.
She was allowed to get any stuffed animal she wanted, every baby and animal they showed her she didn't want, but she loved this little kitty cat, because they say Meeooowwww.
Addyson and Grandpa shopping.
After shopping they BOTH needed to take a little nap.
Addyson playing on the play area out at the park, she can crawl up to the top by herself and zoom down the slide, pretty funny stuff. There is a static electricity build up from going down the slide, and her fine hair sticks straight up and ZAPS you when you touch her.
Looking through the bubble window at the park, she loves it.
Hanging out with Grandpa Reed the other day for an afternoon visit. we go go go go!
Dad and Addy playing on the back porch.