Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 24

Yes! We are slacking on getting the blog updated in a timely and weekly manner. We are running in all different directions and trying to pack up our house. The Reeds are moving to a new house - same city, just bigger! We will share pics of our new house in a week or two.

Addyson is doing great. She is happier than ever and, thankfully, is over the cough she had at the beginning of this month. Wakes up with a smile on her face and goes to bed with one too. I think she is finally getting the hang of eating cereal - tonight more actually went into her mouth than what usually comes back out. Addyson is also grabbing at everything. She is reaching out for anything within range and of course if she gets her hands on it, it goes straight into her mouth. She is definitely keeping us on her toes.

Taking weekly pics may also become a bit more challenging - as you can see in the pics below.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 23 - vacation to Norris Lake

This week ended with a Brand family vacation to Norris Lake. We, Addyson included, left for TN Friday morning and came back Tuesday afternoon. It was a great vacation - many laughs, way too much to eat, limited cell phone reception, no cable and we were on the water. Weather was okay - it could have been about 5-10 degrees warmer.

We stayed in a floating house, which is exactly what it sounds like, a house that is floating on the water. We were right on the water at the end of a marina which allowed the lake to be right there - no flights of stairs to go down or long coves to get through.

The sun was out most of the time - except when we first arrived which was probably the worst time for rain. Since we were on a house on the water, we had to load up all of our stuff on our boat to get it to the house. Our suitcases, coolers, etc were loaded into the boat and the boat and jetskis were in the water when it started to rain. It wasn't a little sprinkle, it was a downpour - sheets of rain came down for about 20 minutes. It was quite a sight watching the Brands run around trying to keep our clothes and food from getting drenched. Fortunately for me, I had to keep Addyson dry and was able to camp out in the car during the storm. Unfortunately our camera was in a bag, which was in the boat safely under other bags so it didn't get wet but wasn't able to take a pic of the craziness that started our trip.

Addyson did great during our vaca and of course she was spoiled with way too much attention.
(the pics have been placed into the blog backwards)

And if anyone is in need of a Norris vacation - see website for a great place to stay: http://www.gonesouth.4t.com/

The Brand family (all except for soon-to-be-brother-in-law Steve). Behind us was the view from our porch - pretty nice!

The Reed family.
This is the floating house we stayed on - even had a slide!
Addyson in her swimsuit! It was really only warm enough on Monday to get the swimming suit out. And even then she had her cover up on for the majority of the time.
Reed family enjoying the sun!

Addyson's first (and only) dip into the water. She was content as long as she had the plastic buckle to gnaw on - so easily entertained.
Addyson gearing up for her dip in the water. Slowly taking off the layers - notice the sweater is on in the pic below this one.

Mom and Addyson.

Addyson and her aunts Lindsey and Mallorie.
Addyson showing how she too can be a hillbilly in Kentucky - running around with only her diaper on. We weren't even out of Kentucky when we had to change her into another outfit.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 22

This week was a non picture taking week.
We tried to get some videos, but not many worked out.
Below you will see a quick one of some dancin' moves.
There was much more where that came from, but we weren't able to catch them on video.
She is continuing to sing and talk alot. She is also grabbing at things more.

Here is Addyson doing her little dance.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 21

Week 21 already!!

Addyson has become extremely talkative. Jabbering all of the time. We cannot wait to see who will talk more - Addyson or Dad. And she continues to smile - even at people she doesn't know. We can easily see her turn into this little tot that will talk to anyone!
Addyson is also becoming much more grabby. Of course everything she grabs goes straight into her mouth - including your face. Your nose is the perfect fit!

Spent the weekend at the lake doing some relaxing.
Addyson in her sunglasses hanging out with Uncle Steve.
Addyson and Aunt Linds on the boat - safety first!!
Addyson and Uncle Steve both awake!!
July 5th after church at the lake.
Aunt Mal-Mal and Linds...what a bunch of goofballs.
Reading about the roaring bear book....its not about what the story is really about, but about how you read it and make it sound. Fun stuff. And of course all Addyson wants to do is get the book into her mouth.
Addyson in her 4th of July outfit dancing on the table.
Mom and Addyson getting ready to head out on the boat.
Cutie patootie with her shades on! And of course Sophie the giraffe must come along too.
Aunt Linds and Mal gave Addyson a shower the other day while mom and dad went grocery shopping. Pretty exciting lives we have - huh.
Miss Addyson has been laughing a lot more and talking to us. Here she is sort of laughing back at us. Hopefully I can capture the peek-a-boo game on video, that one really gets her going.