Thursday, December 30, 2010

December -- what a crazy month!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We were able to celebrate Christmas and New Years surrounded by family and friends -- we are so blessed! We are also very blessed with the wonderful memories that 2010 brought us and will continue to be blessed with 2011 -- can't wait to see what the new year will bring us.

Addyson showing off her Saint Nick gifts (or hamming it up! Not sure)! St Nick brought her Elf on the Shelf and a few hand puppets. St Nick also brought her a pair of snow boots.

Addyson telling Dad not to forget the puppets!

One of Addyson's visit with Santa -- at our Brand Christmas party. And this is about as close as she would get -- she definitely would not sit on his lap. By the end of Santa's visit, as he was leaving, she did give Santa a kiss! Very cute.

Santa trying to talk Addyson into a good-bye kiss.

Okay, one small little Christmas kiss for Santa!

Addyson showing off one of her gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Brand -- a UD tshirt! We were even able to put it to use a few days later at Addyson's first UD game. Go Flyers! Addyson was a great elf at all of our Christmas parties -- she enjoyed handing out everyone's gifts.

Another baby for Addyson from Grandma Rhonda. Baby even came with all of the necessities -- a stroller, a high chair, a walker and a crib. Addyson is enjoying all of her new toys.

Addy helping Daddy fix Grandma's table. her tongue is just starting to stick out -- she can't concentrate without sticking out her tongue!

Addyson being Santa's helper on Christmas morning.

Addyson and Dad enjoying one of her presents from Santa -- a tent and a tunnel! So much fun to be had, especially when mom and dad have to get into the tent and tunnel.

Again with the tongue when she concentrates! Helping dad put in batteries.

At the Zumberger Christmas party Addyson sat right next to Great-Grandma and Grandpa and helped all of the grand-children open up their presents. She was a great little helper! Here she is helping Dad open up his present - a set of deer whistles for the Acadia. Hopefully this will help come next November. Deer, look out!

Addyson with her cousin Lily. Addyson was such a big helper with Lily -- she enjoyed holding her and playing with her!

Happy New Years! This is Addyson right before the ball dropped at midnight -- yes, midnight! Somehow she found the energy to stay up until midnight and celebrate with everyone -- I think she was sneaking candy! We spent the evening with lots of friends playing games. The most fun of the night was when we played games from Minute to Win It -- hilarious! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we don't have eny videos from it. If we did, I'm sure they would be YouTube hits -- so many laughs and unexpected talents.

Right before all of the Christmas celebrations, Dad and Mom got away for a long weekend. We went to Niagra Falls / Buffalo, New York for a Browns game with the GWE crew. We quickly visited the Falls before heading to the casino that was about 2 blocks from our hotel - trouble! The football game, which unfortunately ended with a loss for the Browns, was very rainy but not too cold. We were all expecting bitter, bitter cold so we were all dressed for the part. Fortunately it was mid-30s, but rainy. It rained the entire game. Either way, the weekend was a blast with great friends. Always a good time! Next year my vote is for a much warmer location.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Way past due for an update.....

Yes, we have been blog slackers! So, here is a big update in no particular order.

We ended the month of October with a visit to Brumbaugh Fruit Farm. Addyson enjoyed most of it except for the corn maze. She may have just been tired of walking...we were definitley tired of carrying her through it! She did enjoy seeing the animals (real and fake) and the play areas.

Riding on the bike with Grandpa!

Too bad this horse wasn't real!

"No, Cow, you can't have my cereal!"
For Halloween, Addy was a monkey. This unfortunate picture is from the night of Troy's Trick or Treat, which happened to be the same night of her photo shoot. So at this point she was just plain tired and not enjoying being dressed up like a monkey. She did however LOVE having the costume on at day care and when we went trick or treating to our family -- she didn't want to take it off.

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Reed

Letting Aunt Mal-Mal paint my toe nails.
Have to blow them dry...Addyson continue to blow on her nails days afterwards! Too cute.

We also resurrected our annual chili cook-off / OSU party. We had an amazing turn out and it was wonderful to see everyone and their families. And there were kids! This year the kids out-numbered the adults -- we tried to capture all of them in a pic but of course that was absolute chaos! All 10 of the chili entries were fabulous and it was incredibly hard to choose the winner. However, we did! Congrats to Marie Francis!
Some of the kids.

Addyson watching all of the chaos next to the Roscoe kids.

Addyson LOVES pockets. Whether it is her coat or sweater or pants, she typically has her hands in them or other treats.

Addy and Dad playing telephone.

We also finally got around to taking her 20mo old pictures (just 2 mos shy of 18mos!). Tia Rhoades did a fabulous job even though it was freezing out!! Addyson was a trooper for about 20 minutes and then did not want to smile. Oh well! We got a good number of great poses! Here are just a few of them.

No smile, but still cute!

What else is Addy up to? She is now talking a lot - atleast with us - and is becoming very opinionated. She unfortunately likes the word "no"! She calls all colors pink - it used to be yellow (or lellow). She is also going to bed with ALL of her doll babies. At first she had to have her arms wrapped around all of her babies -- all 5 of them. Now she atleast is okay with just 2 of the babies sleeping next to her -- very cute.
Addyson also enjoys singing songs with Daddy and making all o fthe hand motions. I think there is something wrong with this video unfortunately - the sound and video don't match up. It is still fun though. Hope to post a better one soon.

Okay, I couldn't resist...have to include this video too. Melts my heart.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Columbus Zoo - Big Girl Potty

We took Addyson to the Columbus Zoo on Kyley and Jeff's 5 Year Anniversary.
Amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun!
This past few weeks we went to the Zoo and had dinner with the Roscoes and Rachel, Jeff ran in the Minster Oktoberfest 10k (best time ever) and Addyson got a new big girl potty. So needless to say it has been another exciting month. Addyson learned in the past couple of days what her name is, and she is telling everyone!! What is your name....Addyyyyyyy!
Jeff and Addy goofing around
Kyley and Addy on the Merry-Go-Round.
When she sees these pictures she bounces up and down like she is on a horse.
Addy and Ky doing the Merry Go Round they are all smiles.
There was a small aquarium at the Columbus Zoo, Addyson likes the Fissshhhhhh
The first exhibit we went to had animals to pet, she was a little nervous at first but warmed up quickly.
We decided to get a big girl potty and give it a try. She really likes sitting on it, but we need to get her to understand "why" she has it. Wish us luck!!
Aunt Lindsey and Addy hanging out at the Oktoberfest 10k. It was only about 45 degrees, great for running except for the wind. Thank goodness Jeff has such a great support team, he really enjoys seeing everyone there cheering him on. Oh, and this is everyone doing thumbs up with Addyson because her mittens look like she is "The Fonze"...eeehhhhh!
Dad learned how to hang a new ceiling fan in the bedroom the hard way.
At least Daddy had his little helper there to assist with tools and make sure we had all the parts we needed. Thanks Addy!
Team Midmark at Oktoberfest 10k.
Jeff running in the 10k
This is Addy and Kyley on the Merry-Go-Round, it was pretty fast so it was hard to get a good video.

This is a video of Addyson this morning telling us her name.
We really enjoy that she is talking more, I am sure one day we will regret it, but today we are having a blast.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Grandma and Grandpa Reed ended up staying for another couple of days, and we got to have dinner with Great G&G Reed too. Four generations of Reeds here. Just a quick update of some of the 400+ photos they took :)
Addyson and Grandma Denise
Static Electrictity anyone?
Sitting and watching ducks with Grandpa.
Bubbles with Grandma.
Addy and her new car
When mommy got home from one of her trips, yeah!!!
Hey stinker!
A trip to Andy's Garden playing in the jungle like a monkey.
Addyson Doing a summersault

Rocking on the horse...with some sort of shirt on her head and her cool new shoes!