Sunday, August 22, 2010

Viva Las Vegas and Kings Island with MWV

Hello from Las Vegas and Kings Island. Kyley and I went to Vegas with 4 other couples last weekend for a long weekend trip. This was Kyley and Marie's first trip out there, and I was surprised at how much fun they had. This picture below is a shot of the strip at "Old Vegas" which was smaller than I thought it would be, but a great time none the less. We went to 2 shows "KA" and the Beatles "Love". I enjoyed LOVE much more, because I got sleepy during We spent the first night gambling and basically stayed up for 26hrs, 1 day by the pool, 1 day walking around looking at all the hotels, 1 day at the Gold Coast, and an evening at old Vegas and checked out the statosphere casino. All in all good weekend, Kyley and I came home $100 up gambling wise, that isn't to say we didn't blow it all on other stuff while we were there. :)

Mark and I riding an amusement ride on top of the Stratosphere, it hangs you out off the building and spins around, good times.
This is us getting ready to start the ride.
We went to Kings Island for the MWV picnic, we were a little late due to rain, but we spent about 4 hrs there and I think that was plenty of time for Addy, she was out before we even left the park. Addy rode about 6 rides, and mom and dad realized that Kings Island is no longer about us, but more about the kids...and that is just fine with us. It rained a few different times, so we got wet and decided to head home.
Addyson riding the cars with a random boy, and oh yes, it begins!!!!
Addyson getting picture with the Snoopy Doggy, "woof-woof-woof", she gave him a hug too, but we didn't get it on camera. She was hugging everything, even woodstock the bird.
Ride #2 on the merry go round.
Addyson got a new "slightly-used" kitchen set, it is like a retro kitchen, pretty cool stuff. Supposed to be an early xmas present, because we couldn't wait to see her play with it, what weak parents she has!

We spent all day sunday baking pies and eating fake french fries...Dad was FULL!!!
Cooking up a storm.
This is Addyson riding the merry go round, we went on it twice she liked it so much. She would pet the zebra and horse before we started, too cute!!

Here is Addyson and Kyley on the train, she wasn't big enough to see out, I didn't get it but when she turns the corner her little eyes pop out from the train, what a little stinker :)