Tuesday, April 13, 2010


And many congrats to the newly married Steve and Lindsey Otte. The entire weekend was beautiful and everything went without a hitch. They are now off to Antigua on their honeymoon -- jealous!

Mr and Mrs Steve Otte
The Wedding Party
The Brand sisters and the husbands
Addyson walking down the aisle with the help of Dad. We only had one little stumble, but she got right up and kept on walking! I think she watched her feet all the way down the aisle -- wanting to make sure they keep moving.
A few pictures out by the pond. The weather was perfect for a spring wedding.
The Brand sisters ready to get to the bar.
the Reeds (minus Addyson -- she was napping!)
Addyson and cousin Tabitha -- both were showing off their walking skills.

Cousin Tabitha, cousin Sarah and Addyson. Too bad Addyson isn't smiling like the other two girls.
(And this is when the camera was dropped.....thank goodness we were able to get the memory card out. So, any more updates to the blog will have to wait until we buy a new camera.)