Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Addyson!!

Last week Addyson turned 2!! Amazing how time flies. Family joined us for a wonderful celebration. Lots of presents, attention, good times and good company. Addyson loved all of the attention from everyone.

Addyson not so sure about everyone signing Happy Birthday to her. We made a t-shirt for her birthday celebration that shows 2 fingers, but also the "peace" symbol because when you ask Addy how old she is, she says "two, peace" while holding up 2 fingers. I think we have one of her aunts to thank for that.

Addyson sitting on her "throne" while opening presents. We welcome the warmer temps -- Addyson is ready with her swim suit.

We also saw a glimpse of Addy's "teen" years - she received a "cell phone" and a purse as gifts which she quickly put to use. Check out the video for the full effect...attitude included!

Comfy on her chair talking to someone.....I'm sure this scene will be seen 14 or so years from now.

The morning of her party, we opened up gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Reed, who are in S. Carolina so they weren't able to join us for the party. She received lots of wood toys - one is this train whistle which she is getting better at using.

Addyson getting ready for some time outdoors!

Addyson and Daddy playing on the layer of ice outside.

Mom and Addy posing for a picture.

Addyson and Dad playing in the snow with freinds Mark and Caden Francis. Addyson loves when she gets to play with Caden and Sammy.

A video of Addyson from the birthday party.....or perhaps a view into the future!