Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 37

This week we were able to go outside and enjoy the mild weather - probably which will be coming to an end shortly. We should have purchased and put up a swing a few months ago - Addyson really does enjoy it.

More swinging. And yes, she is back to sticking her tongue out. Both are so much fun!
All bundled up ready to go to day care.

Another purchase that we finally pulled out of the closet - this portable high chair. It worked great the other weekend when we took it to a wedding. Addyson was able to sit with all of us at the table while we were eating and even enjoyed a few puffs. We then threw this chair up at our bar and she gets to watch us cook and eat dinner long after she ate hers. It is especially cute when she starts swinging her feet (see the last video).

More swinging.

The feet are a kicking!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 36

Week 36 was a scary week. Addyson had Nursmaid's elbow, which is basically that the cartlage in her elbow dislocated. Had to take her to the ER on Wednesday morning and they were able to pop it back in. Better safe than sorry we thought.
[update from original blog] This is Kyley - I feel the need to add more detail to Jeff's post for those of you we haven't had the chance to see this week. As you can see below, all is back to normal with little Addyson and the story ends happily. I picked Addyson up from daycare on Tuesday and they said she had been very fussy - which is out of the ordinary but I chalked it up to the cold she has been fighting. And, yes, she was cranky that evening but she ate dinner well and was okay when playing on the floor. However, I finally did notice that her left arm was being very playful but she was not moving her right arm. After careful examination her arm seemed to be very sensitive between her elbow and wrist and (thankfully!) none of her bones were poking out, or was her arm swollen or bruised. So, we decided to put her to bed and assess the situation in the morning. Of course she slept through the night without making a peep, but her arm was still very sensitive so to the ER we went.
Pretty much as soon as the Dr took a look at her he believed it to be Nursemaid's Elbow - just by how she was holding her arm by her side. As Jeff said above, it is when the elbow disclocates. Between the Dr twisting her arm around twice and getting her arm x-rayed, it finally popped back into place! And she was back to her normal, happy, playful self.
From what we have read, it could have happened when we put her coat on, or when we pull her up to a standing position.
We are very glad our first ER experience was nothing worse!
Happy Baby and Mom again!!

Cutie patootie!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 35

Week 35 has brought more fun for the whole family.

Addyson is talking, clapping and laughing more and more. She still hasn't started to crawl yet. We are patiently waiting though.
Maybe we will just skip crawling and go straight to walking.
Sunday we went to both Fulton Farms and Cox Arboretium to enjoy the fall weather and buy pumpkins. There were a lot of great picture opportunities.

Mom and Addyson at Fulton Farms
Unfortunately we woke Addyson from her nap once we arrived at Fulton Farms - so sleepy!

Videos of Addyson laughing. Even though she has a fantastic laugh, she is very selective with who and when she shares it with. Dad does seem to have the touch though!

One more thing....don't forget to wish Jeff a Happy Birthday on Monday!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 34

Yes, Addyson's PJs are a bit Halloweenish. And the fun part....they glow in the dark! Unfortunately we don't have a good picture of how they glow in the dark - perhaps next week's activity.

Addyson continues to do great this week. She is still chowing down on baby food and even figuring out how to eat finger food. The finger food is Cheerios and Puffs, which are great fun watching her since they stick to her hands and she can't always figure out where they go (not always into her mouth). We have tried bits of bananas however she is not a fan - guessing it is the new texture. So neat trying new things though.
Day Care continues to play with Addyson's hair - this week they added a bow!

Yes, we are practicing for Halloween!
Bees can be terribly cute!

We recenly lost Addyson's Great-Grandma Brand (my Dad's mother), Dula. She was a fantastic grandma and lived every one of her 87 years to the fullest. She blessed this world with 12 children, 33 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren....and of course each one of us have been blessed with having her in our lives.
A picture taken at a Brand wedding in Wisconsin back in April.

A few family pictures.