Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter

We had our first (of many) family gatherings this weekend to celebrate Easter. On Saturday we got together with Grandpa Brand's family. There were so many family members that got to see Addyson's ever-improving walking skills, of course after she warmed up to everyone. She has become leary of people she hasn't seen in a while or doesn't know - after about half an hour she is ready to go. However, one person she didn't have enough time to warm to was the Easter Bunny. We weren't quick enough to get her reaction when the Easter Bunny said hi -- plopped down on the floor and started screaming/crying -- however there are a few pics that you can see she doesn't want to get close.

Happy Easter to all of you!

Ready, set, go get the easter eggs......
Grandpa Brand helping Addyson put eggs into her basket.
Some of the Brand great-grand-children and the Easter Bunny.
(Addyson would not have been in the picture if Mom wasn't in there with her)
Mom and Addyson
Addyson enjoying a sucker from the Easter Bunny .... what a mess! Sticky slobber all over the place.
Addyson playing catch with Aunt Lindsey and cousin Alex.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's been a while...

Since our last update we have had a lot going on. Hopefully our next update won't take so long.

Addyson unfortunately has been battling sickness for what seems like forever - bronchitis, ear infection and cough and runny nose. In fact her 12 mo well check-up has been rescheduled 3 times. The first time was due to weather and the last 2 times was because she was running high temps so the well check-ups turned into sick appointments. Our fingers are crossed we can actually have our well check-up this week.

Addyson was battling bronchitis during her aunt Lindsey's wedding shower. Addyson did pretty well especially since there were plenty of great-aunts to hold her. I think this pic unfortunately sums up how she felt....sad!
The bride-to-be at her shower with her bridesmaids. Lindsey is the one in the middle. To the left are the Brand sisters and her friend Jen. On the right are the Otte sisters. The big date is only 4 weeks away - we are all very excited. Hopefully Addyson will have better mastered her walking skills so she can show them off. Addyson posing after a bath. She continues to practice walking. She is slowly figuring out that it can get her from toy to toy. We are also practicing her signs -- day care does a fantastic job with teaching a few key sign language signs. She knows Please, Thank You, More, Milk, Book, Eat and Ball. Some aren't 100% but we are proud! ;) She also knows where her belly is (and where Dad's belly is) --- working on other body parts.
How we usually find Addyson sleeping -- with her butt up in the air and her face shoved into one of the corners.
Good Morning Addyson!!! Still so sleepy.