Monday, February 22, 2010

First BIG STEPS.....

Mom went to Chicago with the girls and Addyson decides that must be a good time to walk for the first time. It was really hard not telling Kyley, I didn't want it to ruin her trip. The first steps are an exciting step towards a crazy road ahead I am sure. For some reason the videos show up as black, just click on the play button and they will start.

Good Job Addyson!!!

Here is a little longer video

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it snow....Round #2

Miss Addyson looking outside and getting caught up in the window blinds. She likes to watch things outside, and lick the cold glass of the windows. We decided to try going out in the snow again, and this time was much better. We bundled her up so much she could hardly move, but I think she enjoyed it.
Watching the snow blow by. Probably need to get her some real boots at some point, those little things don't quite cut it. But she does look pretty stinking cute in her snow suit.

Addyson had to stay home from Daycare due to a fever she was running on Thursday, so Aunt Mal-Mal came home from school early and watched Addyson. They had quite a day.
Addyson was reading stories to Mallorie to put Mallorie to sleep, I think it worked.
Addyson playing with one of her favorite toys, a BOX!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The snow pushed the birthday party back a day, but all of our family members were able to make it safely to Troy to celebrate Addyson turning 1! Addyson must have been excited for the party because she skipped her morning nap which made for a much more interesting afternoon. However, she did enjoy all of the attention from everyone and had a great 1st birthday party.

Every party needs an "ADDY-BUG" cake.

Addyson with her own cupcake. Her fingers went into the icing but that was it. And she wasn't too keen with the icing on her fingers.
Addyson opening up presents. Her first present was a bag full of suckers - which she enjoyed. However we aren't sure which end of the sucker she liked better.
So excited to open up this present!
Another great present - who knew an empty box could be so much fun!!
A family picture -- to the end of a great birthday weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 52

Week 52! Can you believe it!!

We managed to take a picture every week of the first year with exception of, I think, 36 because we were on vacation in Norris Lake and forgot to take that photo. Not bad Mom and Dad! See the video at the bottom for a recap of all the weeks.
Addyson's birthday is Saturday and we are having an Addy Bug Birthday Party. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone will be able to make it to Troy safely. And of course, we will post pictures of the big party. Hopefully we will have good cake-eating pictures.
We took off work and day care on Friday and took Addyson to the the Newport Aquarium. The weather started getting bad on the way home, but we made it before it got too crazy. She seemed to enjoy watching all of the fish swim by!

Addyson being weighed on a shark scale, she was 19 lbs.
What a catch!!!
Addyson standing by a shark, and she is just over 2' tall.

Dad and Addyson watching the shark go by in the tank.
(Yes, it is hard to get past the shiny bald spot on Jeff's head.)

Kyley and Addyson checking out the Jelly Fish.

There were scuba divers feeding the fish and one of them came over and waved to Addyson.
Addyson and Jeff in the underwater tank - fish swimming all around us.
Showing Addyson a shark going above our heads - this really is pretty cool if you have never been to the aquarium.
Addyson and Kyley playing in the frog bog area - Addyson enjoyed going to the last section of the slide.
Kyley and Addyson checking out more fish.
Another great picture of Jeff's girls.

The video of an entire year of weekly pictures- my how she grows!