Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 28

Ohh, how I like to eat paper!! It is getting harder and harder to get Addyson to sit still, ignore the paper, and look at the camera to take these pictures. All she wants to do is to eat the paper. Funny stuff trying to get her to do it.
Try to put the paper in there, or sneak it in and she jumps right on it.
Finally......good thing we are quick.
Addyson hanging out with her Aunts (however, they aren't in the pics).

Addyson is sitting up like a big girl now. Only time she doesn't enjoy it is when a toy is too far in front of her and reaching for it puts her on her belly. She does not enjoy tummy time! Nor does she enjoy when we try to make her roll over. She would much rather just sit and play.

She does seem to be enjoying baby food more and more everyday. So far she has had pears, bananas, sweet potatos and carrots. She tried chicken with Jeff and apparently she isn't ready for meats just yet!
Another exciting find this week was her first tooth - it isn't in just yet but it is getting ready to make its appearance. Will keep you updated!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 27

This was our 27th week as a family. It was an up and down week as we lost our Grandmother/GreatGrandmother Mary to health complications. While the loss was very tough on the family, everyone got to say thier goodbyes and she got to go the way she wanted and when she was ready. It really was bitter sweet. She will be greatly missed.
Addyson hanging out with Baby Reece Magoteaux, Scott and Angela's 3 month old little bundle of joy. He is a cutie Pie.

Addyson hanging out with Mom. She has been sitting up on her own for a short while, so now we can finally get her 6month photos taken!! I guess that is requirement for the shoot.
Pretty blue eyes...mezmerizing!!
Addyson with her tounge out, I think she gets that from her Daddy.
What a big girl she is becoming. Each day brings just that much more fun.

Kara, Carrie, and Addyson hanging out and Uncle Bob's.

Three short videos of Addyson just hanging out and entertaining herself, and of course entertaining her parents. It never gets old.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 26

Week 26 was an exciting week for the Reed Family.
Addyson hit her 1/2 year birthday! And we moved into our new house, still in Troy, but the house is a little bigger for our growing family. Here is a picture of us in front of our old house as we were leaving. It is sort of sad to leave the old house, but exciting moving into a new one!!

We are eating (and liking) baby food and cereal more everyday.

Addyson used rice and carrots for her hair-do.
The Reeds in front of their old house. A pic in front of new house coming soon!
Addyson was thinking about the move.

Addyson hanging out in the living room at the new house, checking things out. I think she approves.

The Girls playing the piano, gotta start young I guess?

Addyson and Mallorie hanging out after eating oatmeal.

Here is a video of Addyson eating carrots. She just started eating actual food, so it has been interesting seeing her face and reactions. We haven't really figured out what shaking her head from side to side means. We are hoping it means she likes and wants some more. Kyley is really hoping her and Addyson can enjoy eating vegetables together - and for Jeff to really act like he enjoys them.

Good mornings are always like this.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 25

Week 25 was a great week!
We got the keys to the new house on Sunday, so we can start preparing and move in next week.
Addyson has been talking and responding even more this week.
She is eating oatmeal much better and is making that much easier on Mom and Dad.

She has really been enjoying her playtoys more. What a happy little girl she is.

She keeps grabbing at the paper now and trying to eat it along with anything else within reach.

Here is a small video of playing with her toys.

Oh you funny little stinker pants!!!