Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 16

Phew! This has been one busy, busy week - even with being a short work week. Hopefully the videos will make up for the lack of pictures. Addyson has been great in all of our running around - she doesn't even seem to mind all of the strangers that come up to her and make funny faces. She gives them a smile if they are crazy enough.
Addyson is still drooling a lot - or as our friend Josie put it this weekend "she is dripping". We were also able to meet 1week old Grant who is Josie's brother and were able to visit with our friends Lucas, Jaksen and Mya.
What other "tricks" is Addyson doing? She is still twirling her tongue and talking. Just today we watched her trying to roll over. From her back she was able to get on her side but that was about it. We are definitely going to keep trying!
Addyson finally able to wear her first pair of jeans (thanks Sandy & Chase!). We didn't think she would ever be able to fit into them.

Addyson wearing Aunt Mallorie's sunglasses. She enjoyed wearing them so much, her aunts ran out and bought Addyson her own pair. We will have to get a pic of those up next week - too cute!

Enjoy the videos.......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 15

Week 15 started off with Baptism for Addyson.
Lindsey and Mike are standing as Godparents.
Addyson started twirling her tounge this week,
which is fun for everyone.
Little tounge twirl...

Addyson laughing and smiling.

Frather Joe at St. Patricks Church baptizing Addyson.

Father walked Addyson up and down the church so
everyone could see the new parish member.
She was waving at everyone the whole time.

Great Grandparents

Godparents Lindsey and Mike

Proud Parents of a newly Baptized Addyson

Proud Grandparents

The Brand Clan

Addyson in her dress that Grandma Linda made years ago.
This dress has been warn by all 3 Brand girls at baptizm.

THANK YOU to Marie Francis for making a beautiful cake for Addyson

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Week 14

Week 14 brought us many exciting events.
We giggled alot....
And we lauged too.....

and we chuckle and hold our belly..................

with our funny hat or shirt on our head

and we cheered about our new headdress

lovin' it...

Chillin' hangin out.............

Some videos of Addyson hanging out with Mom.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 13

Week 13 has been another
quick week full of excitement.
Addyson had her first week of Daycare
and did pretty did mom.

At daycare Addyson made Kyley a
Mothers Day card and flower pot.
On the card those handprints
are Addysons and they turned them
into butterflies, and the little ladybugs and flowers
on the pot are Addyson's fingers.
The girls said she had the smallest bugs
and butterflies in the class.

Here is the card they made for Kyley.

Again the card and flower pot.

Addyson hangin out in the chair.

Here is Addyson playing in her little playpen.
She had a new bird friend named "Jacque" (he's french)
hanging in there, she really seems to like
smacking him around.

Kyley and Addyson tuckered out after
a long day at work and daycare.
Not sure who is more tired,
but this was Wednesday a.k.a. Humpday,
so the week is halfway over!!

Addyson Trying on life jackets
for our trip to Norris Lake

Here is a little video of Addyson
playing in her playpen.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 12

Week 12 was an eventful week.
We sat up in our Bumbo seat for the first time,
it was a little big for addyson little butt, however she
will grow into it soon enough.

<>Addyson sitting in the bumbo with monkey.

Oh this bumbo is sooo big.

Little Miss bright eyes....such a cutie.

This is a little video while taking 12 week photo, she is cooing a little more for us now.

Jeff and Mark ran the Columbus Capital City 1/2 marathon.

The whole family went and spent the night before hand,

we had dinner at the Spagetti Warehouse and hung out with the

Roscoes, Laguardia's, and Rachel Knapke (who also competed in race)

Congratulations in setting and achieving your goals!!!!

Dad and Addyson cheering people on after the race.

Addyson was really tired from all that running.
Rachel finishing up the looooong 13 miles.....Good job!!