Monday, April 27, 2009

Sneak peak for Week 12

We have a busy week and weekend coming up so having the 12 week posting up on Friday probably won't happen - sorry but you better get used to it! ;) With that said we thought we would post a few early videos. Make sure your volume is turned up - too darn cute!

Aunt Mallorie is working on Addyson's walking skills. We are hoping she is able to walk down the aisle by April 2010 - keep your fingers crossed.

Yes, Addyson has started to talk a lot more this past week. Can't wait to find out if she talks too much like Dad or has only worthy things to say like Mom. ;) I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Week 11

Week 11 was another busy week - unfortunately not a lot of pictures. I went to work two days this week (three days next week and then full time!) while Grandmas watched Addyson. I think we all did pretty well.
Addyson continues to be a great baby (knock on wood). She is back to taking the bottle with no problems and is holding her head up amazingly well. She even enjoys standing on her own two legs - with a little assistance of course. She is definitely a strong baby.

Addyson enjoying play time with Aunt Mallorie.

More pictures from our trip to Madison.
Grandpa Brand got the biggest kick out of Addyson sleeping with her hands above her head - so relaxed!
Cousin Joe and Alex playing with Addyson. Yes, they are underneath the table at a restaurant! I am not sure which Joe and Alex enjoyed more - playing with Addyson or seeing how many adults they could pull underneath the table with them!
Addysoon and her 2-week old cousin Tabitha. Tabitha and Addyson were born weighing the same. However, Tabitha had about 3 inches on Addyson...hopefully the Brand genes will kick in and Addyson will catch up to her. It is really amazing how fast babies grow and change just within a few weeks.
Great Grandma Brand, my mom Linda, my aunt Marcia, her daugher Amy, Tabitha and Addyson.
...and now with the Grandpas. My Dad and his brother George.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 10 - Easter and trip to Madison

The start and end of Week 10 have been busy weekends. We were able to visits our families while celebrating Easter. Addyson then had her first long car trip (8hrs) to Madison, Wisconsin for a Brand family wedding (Jeff headed to Cleveland for a bachelor party). Addyson did fantastic in the car except for the last half an hour on our way home on Sunday - I think we were all a little cranky by then. We are up for an interesting week 11 - mom goes back to work for 2 days. Thanks to grandma Rhonda and Linda for baby-sitting!

The Reed family on Easter.
Addyson relaxing on soon-to-be Uncle Steve's lap.
Tummy-time with Addyson.

Addyson and Kyley at the University of Wisconsin's Student Union in Madison. Before the wedding on Saturday, thanks to the fabulous weather, we were able to walk around Madison - which is a very neat city. Hopefully we can go back sometime soon with Jeff. There was a farmer's market around the capitol building which was right across the street from our hotel. We also went on a tour of the capitol building and walked around the campus.
Congrats Mr Scott & Dr Stacey Poznanski!
Cousin Joe playing with Addyson. Joe and his brother Alex (ages 3 and 2) played with Addyson all weekend - they are gearing up for their baby sister to arrive this summer. We will hopefully post more pictures of the three of them later (so cute!). We were also able to meet our newest cousin, 2-week old Tabitha. We will also post a picture with her mom later.
This is how Addyson enjoyed most of the wedding reception - asleep in her carseat partially under the table. Too worn out from all of the walking around Madison!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week 9

Week 9 has been an interesting one with more
smiling, cooing, and farting.
Only struggle this week is Addyson isn't favoring the bottle,
could be trouble in the coming weeks.
Another week 9 photo and beautiful eyes.

We had our 8 week Dr visit .
Addyson weighed 10lbs 8oz (50%), length 23" (75%).
Evaluation of the 5 immunization shot wounds after we got home.

Imagine this face, except BRIGHT RED, lips quivering,and tears running down the face when she got the shots, WOW.....that was tough for everyone involved.

Trust me Snoopy band-aids DON'T
really make the the pain go away!

Cousin Jacob Gaaskjolen and Addyson at Brand Easter.
Jacob is 4 weeks old.

Dad's pretty girls all dressed up for Brand Easter.

Just before and after this video Addyson was smiling,
tried to catch it, but only got a little one, enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday & Congratulation Wishes

Happy Birthday Grandma Rhonda!
Aunt Lindsey and soon-to-be Uncle Steve got engaged over the weekend. The big day is April 10, 2010. Addyson has a year to figure out how to walk up the aisle - we have our fingers crossed! ;)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Week 8

Addyson is now 2 months old....
WOW how time flies when your having fun.
Its been a pretty good week, she is getting stronger
everyday, standing up with help of course, and holding
her head up to look around.

Lately she has been smiling and responding much more
which is alot of fun for mom and dad.

She has that tounge a waggin...

Too cute...

She likes the boppy and tummy time when she can look
around and see what is going on.

Gotta love when she makes that eye contact.
Sooo much fun we are having!!