Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well we have had a busy week this week. We took a small 4 day vacation up to the Cleveland area to Geneva-on-the-Lake, near Ashtibula, OH. We stayed at the Lodge which was great. It was also nice to just get away for a few days and spend time with our little family.

On our way up to Cleveland on Wednesday we went to the Cleveland Metro Zoo. We unfortunately were pushed out by rain late in the day. It was okay though because it was incredibly hot and muggy. We were ready to make our way to the hotel.

On Thursday we went to the Cleveland MetroPark Farm Park. Yes, we got to see alpacas, sheep, goats, cows, get the idea. It was actually a pretty neat place, you could milk a cow and everything. However, Addyson wasn't ready for all of those animals. She liked viewing them from a distance, not up close.

Friday we spent the day at the Lodge. We enjoyed walking around the town, around the lake and even went swimming. It was a nice relaxing couple of days and very much needed and enjoyed by all three of us.

This picture is taken from the patio outside of our room, which looked out onto Lake Erie and onto the patio of the restaurant. On Friday night we were able to sit on our patio and listen to the one-man band playing a variety of music. Unfortunately it was well past Addyson's bedtime and she wasn't able to stay up and dance to the music.

Addyson out by the pool in her cute little hat. She greatly enjoyed playing in the water area.
This was a firetruck sitting outside the Firehouse Winery where we had dinner and sat outside by the lake. A great photo opp.
Addyson and Kyley standing by the water on one of our walks. Kyley wanted to put Addy's feet in the water, and did, but it was still sort of cold. She clapped anyway.
This is the gang checking out alpaca's at the Farm Park. I think Addyson enjoyed it, but I think she would enjoy it a little more if she were a little older, may have to try it again some day.

Addyson out for a walk in front of the lodge, she liked walking up and down the paths and looking at the flowers, and of course waving to everyone that went by. I think she made the day for a couple of the people she saw, one group wanted to take her picture...LOL.

This was a bridge along the walking/biking bath that ran in front of the Lodge. Addyson and Dad running to mom so she could take some action shots.
Daddy's favorite picture of the week!
We found out that Addyson is ticklish when you grab her upper thigh, we just couldn't stop doing it.....too stinking funny. We giggled a lot this weekend!

We found another way to make Addyson laugh -- just ask her to race you! One of these days she may stop laughing enough to win.

Addyson running through the water area a the Lodge and loving every minute of it.

Hopefully we will make it back someday. Geneva-on-the-Lake is a nice destination close to home. Perhaps mom and dad can make a trip back to visit the 20-some wineries in the area!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting tubes!

This past week Addyson was finally able to get tubes placed into her ears. She has been battling ear infections really since the beginning of the year. And even went into the procedure with double ear infections. Hopefully these wonderful little tubes will do their job and Addyson will be done with ear infections.

Addyson was so very brave at the hospital. She waved to all of the people walking by our room while we waited for her turn. She also laid very still when the nurse rolled her away to the surgery room. And she was still holding on to that brave face when the nurse rolled her back into her room after the procedure was complete and she woke up from the anesthesia. However, she kind of fell apart once she saw mom and dad --- no longer a need for her to be brave!

All in all we were only at the hospital for 3 hours. And the worse part of the whole experience is having to be ear drops into her ears 3 times a day. She does not enjoy lying still while we place the drops into her ears. I don't blame her.

A few pics of how cute she looked in her little hospital gown. Who knew they made them this tiny! Notice the "oh no" face she started making a few weeks ago. She found the horn on the car that we were able to push her around the hospital hallways as we waited.

Everyone at Childrens Hospital in Dayton were exceptional and made this procedure very stressfree -- thank you!!

Memorial Day Weekend

We were lucky enough to celebrate Memorial Day up at the lake for most of the weekend. The weather was great - nice and warm - except for Monday when the thunderstorms and downpours pushed us back home. Which was probably best so we could get ready for the upcoming week.

Instead of throwing Addyson into Great Lake St Marys, Grandma bought her a huge whale pool - complete with a spout that sprays water. Unfortunately the water didn't warm up quick enough and Addyson wasn't all that impressed. Here Aunt Mallorie is trying to play with her.

Happy in the pool with Dad....for just a bit.
Someone please get me out of here!

On the boat -- Addyson was content as long as she could be on the look out. It was hilarious watching Addyson trying to figure out her sealegs. Next time we will have to get a video.