Monday, July 25, 2011

July 2011

Happy 4th of July!.....and, yes, still waiting for Baby #2!

A few days before the holiday weekend Jeff got on a plane and flew to France for work. He was gone for 8 days. Addy and Mom were on our own! We pretty much relaxed all weekend except for a couple of holiday festivities. We did head out to see fireworks, which Addyson was a little scared of at first. After the first big booms I told her she needed to cover baby's ears so she covered baby's ears as best she could (her hands on both sides of my belly) and then she was okay. After that I think she was able to enjoy the show!

The video is of Addy dancing prior to the fireworks. We went to Celina to watch the fireworks over the lake. Before the fireworks they had a band playing. Pure entertainment -- Addyson at least!

Part of the finale!

Addy playing with Grandpa after the fireworks (I love this picture!).

We finally blew up the pool for Addy to enjoy, which she has been doing. And of course she loves to show off how well she can go down the slide for anyone that will watch her.

We were invited to a couple of weddings during the month of July all of which Addyson enjoyed immensely! She now loves to get out on the dance floor and dance with whoever! At one wedding she ended up dancing most of the night with the groom's father -- who we just met that night! (Apparently Grandpa Brand wasn't doing a good enough job). At the wedding below Addyson enjoyed dancing with Kara and all of her Magoteaux cousins.

And yes, I made it to the end of July and am still pregnant! Baby #2's due date is still July 26th which will most likely pass without any baby but we will see! Can't wait to meet baby #2...and of course find out if the baby is a boy or girl.

FUN w.Bubbles! (June, 2011)

On Father's Day we celebrated with a brunch at Cracker Barrel. Of course after eating we had to make one purchase from the store. The purchase was definitely worth it! Addyson (and Dad) have been having so much fun with this bubble maker --- lots of bubbles are a guarantee AND it is so much cleaner than a bottle of bubbles!
We captured a few great facial expressions and a fun video!