Sunday, June 19, 2011

May and June, 2011

This weekend we went to Idle-Hour Ranch in Troy. Jeff passes this place everyday on his way to work and never really knew what it was all about. We saw signs about the Enchanted Elephants coming soon, so we looked into it. Basically it is a year round "exotic" animal farm, but they had special visitors this week. We checked it out, and it was well worth it and surprising to be just down the road.

This is Jeff and Addyson after riding one of the elephants -- Cora.

Jeff and Addyson riding the elephant around the field.There was a giraffe you could feed. There was even a 2nd floor platform you could climb to be eye-level iwth the giraffe. Of course, Addyson didn't have any interest in feeding or touching but did like to look. The giraffe and camels (behind the giraffe) from the 2nd floor viewing area.Jeff and Addy talking to the baby goats. This is about as close as Addy would get to them.Last month, over Memorial Day weekend, we went to Milwaukee to visit the Kelms - Sandy, Chase and little Conner (who was just 10 weeks old). The Roscoes also made the trip from Columbus. While visiting we went to a Children's museum, the Lakefront Brewery, visited the local park, and were able to watch a Brewers Game. The kids got Brewers T-shirts from the Kelm's to wear to the game. A great weekend and great visiting with the Kelms and the Roscoes.

3 of the 4 kids (missing little Conner) - Nolan and Madelyn Roscoe and Addyson. We think Nolan had a little crush on Addyson by the end of the weekend....her first boyfriend.
The Reeds at the ballgame.
Hey Buddy!!We also went to the Betty Brinn kids muesem and the kids had almost as much fun as the dads with all of the fun stuff. Addyson taking a video at the play tv station.Addyson putting at the Betty Brinn.
"Look Dad, a hole in one!"The Reeds in the lobby of the local art museum -- don't worry, the lobby is the farthest in we got. The lobby overlooked the lake - a great view!