Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week 46

Week 46 was the week of our First Christmas as a family!!
Addyson really had a great time all weekend and got lots of fun presents. Sorry for all the pictures and videos, trust me not all of them made it on here.
Merry Christmas to you all!!!!
Jeff, Addyson, and Kyley at G&G Brands for Xmas.
Addyson doing her, it wasn't me pose.
Addyson opening her first gift at our house Christmas morning.
She got a puzzle with animal shapes on it. She was such a good time to watch open gifts.
Addyson got a doll and stroller, amazingly enough she was able to start walking around with it right away, a little wobbly, but still able to be mobile.
Great Grandma Reed at our house for the Reed Family Christmas.
Grandma gave her a candy-cane taste, as you can see it on her face.
Addyosn walking with her stroller, too cute.
She was so proud to walk around all my herself.
Addyson got a camouflage sweatshirt, so she can go deer hunting with Dad and Grandpa Ivan.
Opening gifts and wondering what is inside.
This was a funny picture getting ready to Brand Xmas.
We just got out of the tub, and she let us see those teefers!!!
Excited for Christmas!!!
This was a video of Addyson and Kyley walking around the house pushing/pulling the basket.
She is pushing the stoller again, Addyson in action.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Week 45

Addyson is 45 weeks old, wow!!
She still has some teeth coming in, which explains the drool on her shirt.
Be sure to check out our xmas video.
Click on the expand button in the video to see full screen!!
Addyson had her daycare christmas party on Friday. Santa came and the kids had a little gift exchange between them. They also made us a christmas ornament with her Addyson's hand print in it. Here are some of the kids eating snacks.

Addyson with Santa, she wasn't really amused by it all, but did a pretty good job.
She learned peek-a-boo behind the table. Pretty fun asking "where is Addyson" and she pops up from behind the table, we could do it all day!
more peek-a-boo!
she laugh's and gigles when she pops up.
She was playing in a box at the house, and was hiding in it.
Pretty easily entertained, both her and us!
Just a short video of Addyson playing in the box.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 44

Week 44 has brought us joy with all the new and fun things we have going on.
Addyson is crawling quite a bit more and getting more adventurous around the house. Thankfully she really isn't getting into too much trouble...knock on wood.
So far she enjoys crawling to any piece of furniture and then pulling herself up. This weekend she started to play peek-a-boo with anyone around. It is really quite entertaining and she thinks she is big stuff! There is a video below - enjoy!
Addyson has also been improving her dance moves. This weekend we have been listening to more music than normal and she beebops right along with it. So far she doesn't have a favorite yet. The Chimpmunk Christmas song is near the top though - who doens't love Alvin!
She also has quite a few more teeth. She still just has 2 on the bottom. On the top she has one pretty much all the way through, one about half way through and then another started. She is a little bit cranky with teething but overall we cannot complain - she is one happy baby.
Addyson has also started to become much more vocal - getting into the higher octaves. Thank goodness her squeals are squeals of joy. I'm sure happy squeals are much easier to handle than mad squeals.
Perhaps by next week we will have a picture with Santa - we are happy to take bets on whether she will be smiling or crying. I'm hoping for tears of joy! ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 43

Week 43 has gotten a little more exciting with Addyson crawling quite a bit more and pulling herself up onto chairs and tables. I am sure she is going to start being quite the explorer. Going to have to batton down the hatches very soon!!
This is a picture from my phone from about 2 weeks ago of Addyson trying on her new hat and gloves, I think she likes them. can still see the gloves and sticker tied to the top of the hat, silly girl.

Aunt Lindsey and Mallorie trying out the mowhawk with some wet hair.

Just a cutie picture of our little girl from my phone again, I forget to get them on the website.

Just Addyson talking to us.

Mallorie tought Addyson the head-bump...not sure that is a good thing, but sure is cute.

Dad was throwing a toy at Addyson and it would bounce up and hit her, then she giggles...I could do this all day!!! notice the mess in the back, she found out how to empty her toy box all over the house, now we just have to teach her how to put it all back in there!!

Our little crawler out exploring, she discovered the christmas tree today.