Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 24

Week 24 and time is flying by. We can't believe Cam is almost 6 months old!

Cam and those big blue eyes and smiley face, pretty much get to see tihs all the time and we LOVE IT!

Campbell eating her first baby food (sweet potatoes) aside from rice and oatmeal.
Cam is definitely eating better than Addy did!  

Addyson finally getting to open her doggy for going potty and wearing bit girl undies for a whole week.
We have been sending her to school with her "big girl panties" and she is doing great.
The doggy was a little incentive gift and it seems to have worked.

This is the video of Addy opening her Doctor Doggy, which she got for going potty for a whole week without an accident. (we did have two accidents, but did awesome all week)
Notice Cam doing her little wiggle in the backround.

This is a video of Addyson making Campbell laugh, this is the first time we have heard her giggle, so really happy we were able to get it on video.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Campbell's Week 21, 22, and 23

Campbell is growing up so quickly! Week 21.

Cam's Week 22 and nearing 5 months!

Cam's Week 23

Addy and Dad playing around.

Addyson showing Cam how much she loves her!

Empty boxes = a diaper derby for Campbell and Addyson! Their engines, you asked, were mom and dad.
Videos below to show how much fun everyone had. Unfortunately we got the camera out a couple of laps too late and the camera missed all of the giggles coming from Addyson. I don't think Cam knew what was going on. Boxes have been saved more racing.