Sunday, May 23, 2010

Learning new things everday!

It seems like everyday we discover Addyson has figured out how to do one more thing. Right now she knows where her head is, where her ears, nose, eyes, mouth and feet are! A few weeks ago she only knew where YOUR nose was, not hers. Pretty cute.

She is also very helpful around the house. She hangs her coat up when her and dad get home, she takes her dirty clothes and puts them into the clothes hamper and she loves "putting away"clean clothes from the clothes basket.

And of course she is already observing and learning from us -- she observed dad licking the tip of his finger while combing through a stack of papers. She now licks her entire finger while looking at books -- incredibly cute!!

Addyson is also become even more adventurous and fearless -- wanting to climb up and over on everything.

Last week we went to Charlston Falls and went for a walk with the stroller, Dad got quite a workout pushing Addyson up all the big hills, but it was a beautiful afternoon.

Addyson got a new car seat, so now she can sit forward and see things.
We think she really enjoys it, and Monkey does too.
Grandma and Grandpa Brand brought over some blocks and Addyson likes to dump them out on the floor and play.
Just a picture hanging out on the porch waiting for mom to get home from work. wasn't me!!!
Addyson helping mom plant flowers out front.

Addyson got a new "used" house...with working doorbell and all.
At least now Dad has a place to sleep if he gets kicked out of the house.
Addyson helping mom plant some more before we mulched everything. Of course she had to find out how the dirt tasted!
Addyson eating a green marker, luckily crayola non toxic, so it was just drinking some water to take care of the green.
We have been looking for a chair for Addyson for a while now -- trying to find a deal! We were at the Francis' last week and Addyson really liked Caden's chair, so we decided to bit the bullet and get her a chair of her own -- of she loves it. It is a little bigger than what we thought, but I think she will grow into it just fine.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Testing our new camera

We found a new camera, ordered it and it arrived just in time to snap a few shots while we this weekend. On Friday we were able to enjoy the outdoors, which wasn't so much the case on rainy Saturday and Sunday. We are lucky enough to have a park almost in our back yard where Addyson loves going down the slides -- especially the curly slide.

Before we get to the park pictures, I found pics of Addyson's first experience with corn on the cob. No, she didn't eat all of the corn off of this you can see on the second picture she just stored the corn, she didn't swallow!

She really does like corn. At this point in the meal she was just full....literally.

Walking to the park, which took awhile. Addyson wanted to look at and pick every dandelion she saw. (Which, as you can see, there are a lot in the field behind our house.)

Enjoying the curly slide.

Addyson and Dad looking outside from her bedroom window...wishing and hoping the rain will go away.

Will add videos later...we were having issues with our internet connection and were lucky to get these photos uploaded.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dad picked up Addyson from day care on Thursday and was told of an "incident". One of Addyson's day care friends took a toy from her. Addyson then chased her down and bit her! Both parties are okay. We however need to show Addyson a different way to express her anger and frustration.

On the flip side, I can't help but laugh just a little bit thinking about Addyson chasing after a toy....