Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 34, 35, 36 and Easter Parties

Wow we just realized how long it has been since we updated our blog, so you will have lots of pictures to see today. Week 34, 35,36 sooooo....Enjoy.

It is getting harder and harder to get Cam to sit still for the picture, this one we sort of did Quick!

A couple of weeks ago our neighborhood had the Kensington Easter Egg hunt out in the park behind our house. This was Addy's first hunt of the year and was a great way to get in some training before the big Easter Bunny came to our house.

She had sunglasses and all
Of course the one she sits good on, we didn't have the weekly paper in the background

Addy got a kite for Easter, and Dad had more fun with it than her.

Addyson and her cousin Lily after hunting eggs

Campbell and Grandma Rhonda at Easter.

Aunt Mal-Mal and the girls at Easter.

Addy modeling a skirt for Grandpa at Easter

Easter Morning Addy found eggs that the Easter Bunny left around our living room

The Easter Bunny brought Addy a Glove, Bat, and Ball.


our little Divas...

Easter morning at the Reed House

The tounge has been out more lately, we feel this is a good thing, it means she is happy.

Addy laughing while opening eggs, and saw a funny face on this egg.

Easter Buddies!

Easter at Grandma Rhonda's

Best least Addy thinks so!