Sunday, April 10, 2011

The transition begins....

Addy got a "Big Girl Bed" this week!! She was pretty excited and says that her old bed is for the new baby. We still have a lot to do to fully transition her room over but we were able to at least get her mattress and box spring set up. And, yes, the mattress and box spring is sitting directly on the floor. She seems extremely small in the big bed!

We are on our second night with the new bed, and all seems to be going well.

Reading books in the new bed We had an Easter Egg hunt in Kensington and Grandma Rhonda come over to visit. We all went out after for Grandma's Birthday. Addy has learned how to sing Happy Birthday, well sort of.
Mom and Addy at the egg hunt.

We only got 2 eggs because we were scared of the other kids....look at that dissapointed little face. We should have shown her what was actually in the eggs though -- she might have been more interested. Now all we are hearing is "more candee".

Sunday, April 3, 2011


My sisters and Jeff were thoughtful enough to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for me last weekend. Yes, I was completely surprised. Apparently all of the cars on our street wasn't enough to cause me to think something was up. Of course the theme was the 80's and our family and friends were great enough to dress up -- some fantastic get-ups and accessories. Below is the only picture I have of the night - hopefully others will share more with us.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Can't believe Addy's parents are now both in their 30's!

Addyson enjoyed the party as well - especially sporting this wig and showing off for everyone.

Speaking of Addyson. She is talking so much more and of course she says something cute and funny every day. Right now the one of the funnier things she is doing is actually calling Jeff and I by our actual names, not just Mom and Dad. She started saying "Ky" after 2 or 3 "mom's" weren't enough to get my attention. She now does it because she knows it gets a reaction from us. She is also learning a lot from day care -- days of the week, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Ring Around the Rosey. Hopefully we can capture on video to share.

We are still working on potty training and are in the middle of transitioning her to a big girl bed! The mattress has been delivered, bedding and some decorations bought. Hopefully next week we can get her bedroom transitioned over and a new nursery put together. We will definitely have pics to share when all of this happens! Lots of good things to come!