Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 27 & 28

Yeah week 27 and we are rolling along.

Campbell and her big sister Addyson, I think Cam is getting tougher and can now handle the big sqeezes.

Big Girl Campbell sitting up on her own.

Campbell taking her first big bath, and not in her little infant tub. Since she is sitting up well, we figured it is time to make the change. We packed away the small blue tub for the very last time ever.....oh just kidding, we might need it again sometime.

Addy now has a bathtime buddy.

Bath Buddies.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Addy's 3rd Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Addyson's 3rd Birthday. I think this is the first year that a snow storm hasn't caused any challenges for our visitors to attend the party - what a winter!  This year's birthday party theme was Mickey Mouse. We made about 15 Mickey Mouse ears - both with and without bows - for all of our friends and families to enjoy wearing.  We then took the ears and gave them to all of our friends at day care. Addyson had a great time at her party and is glad everyone was able to attend.
Happy Birthday Addyson! Mickey Mouse style.

Campbell and Great-Grandma Zumberger. Cam is sporting one of the home-made Mickey Mouse ears!

Addyson with Great-Grandma & Grandpa Reed

Addyson with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Zumberger

Addyson with Aunt Mallorie and Matt (her best friend)!

Addyson with Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Steve

Addyson with Aunt Diane, Uncle Mike and cousins Kara and Jared

Addyson with friends Mark, Sammie, Caden and Marie

Addyson with Grandma and Grandpa Brand

Addyson and Grandma Rhonda

the Reeds - Dad, Addyson, Campbell and Mom

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

We like cupcakes!

Addyson with all her gifts -- so many new toys to play with !

Addyson trying out one of her gifts - Tinkerbell dress a wings.

Addyson and another gift - a princess blanket!

Can't forget about our little Ms Campbell. She is starting to become much more stable while sitting up on her own. I think she will just be content sitting there and eating her toys. She still isn't interested in going after anything out of her reach - maybe someone keeps helping her with those things. Maybe.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 25 & 26

Cam has been sitting up more this week and has been eating really well. She unfortunately has a cough this week, as do many of the other kids at daycare, but hopefully working through it. Even though she doesn't feel good, she still has that happy little smile that melts your heart.

On Friday both girls had well visits. Here are their stats....
Addyson first, our petit one:
- Weight: 26-1/2 lbs (10%)
- Height: 36" (25%)
--- in one year she gained 3 lbs and grew almost 3 inches.

And now for Campbell, our tall one:
- Weight: 14 lbs, 14.5 oz (30%)
--- and comparing to Addyson: 14 lbs 6oz (20%)
- Height: 27" (90%)
--- and comparing to Addyson: 25.5" (30%)

Week 26

Week 25

Big Sister Addy and Campbell on week 25. Addy is continuing to do well going potty on the big potty. It is such a nice feeling knowing that she is finally getting it and can go by herself....Wheeewww!! We have had a couple of accidents but we are learning!

Mom and Dad took the day off on Friday and took Addy and Cam to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery for a little pre-birthday activity for Addy. Can you believe she will be 3 on Monday!! They have all kinds of things for kids (and big kids) to do like slides, and science type stuff.

Addy wasn't tall enough to go up in the tree slides by herself, so Mom and Dad "had" to go up down the slides too.
Addy coming down the slide.

Addy looking for birds in the MeadWestvaco Tree House area.

Addy in a mockup plumbers picture, her arms weren't quite long enough to reach both arm holes.

Mom's arms fit fine though --  you had to go around the back to see the plumbers crack.

Dad was the mad scientist getting help from Addy.

Addy climbing through a turtle statue.

Addy and Dad watching a Bobcat walk around.