Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another busy week

Addyson is now transitioning from the nursery to the toddler room at Daycare. She seems to be doing really well so far. She only gets 1 nap a day now, to prepare for the 1 nap in the toddler room. This is going okay, but she has been really tired around lunch time. Addyson is saying more things like "No" but is also saying other words too that we like to hear like duck, kitty, doggy, meow, ruff ruff, up, down, YES, more, please, and drink.
Mal and Addyson taking a foot scrub after a long day.
Addyson and Grandpa hanging out in Addy's house. She doesn't get many visitors, so when she does, she locks them in there with her.
Hey what are you looking at!

I am a little stinker!!
Kyley and Mal are taking a class at the YMCA, and they stink afterwards especially the stinky shoes!!

Addyson is down to 1 nap a day now that she is transitioning to the toddler room from the baby room. I guess she did this at lunch the other day too at daycare. Falling asleep while eating. Maybe a little cruel getting it on video, but we thought it was too funny not to share.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun!!!!

Last weekend we went to Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Steve's farm for a sleepover.
It was a hot one last weekend, but we managed to keep cool with our cool drinks.
Addyson sitting with Aunt Mal and Aunt Lindsey.

Addyson was helping Dad sweep the floors, lets just see if she will be this excited when she is like 13 years old and we ask her to sweep.
Just a random picture after eating watermelon I think, oooh so slobbery.
This is the ride home from the Magoteaux reunion, it was a hot one, and from the looks of Addyson it was HOT in the car too. We looked back and saw this, so had to share.
Mike and Diane brought thier jumpy again this year, and Addyson absolutely loved bouncing around in it. I think Mom kind of liked bouncing too!
Running around in the jumpy, giggling!!
Drees' also have a pond, and this year we put Addyson in with her swimmy diapers. Maybe next year we will bring swimsuit and floaties. She really does enjoy the water, but Dad wasn't about to get in there and get soaked.

Addyson playing with the bean bags, too cute!

More bean bag playing...

Addyson helping Dad Sweep the floor.
Addyson what's doggy say....woof woof....

Addyson at the lake telling us all the things she has learned.