Thursday, December 29, 2011



Addyson and Campbell were very excited about their Christmas Party at daycare -- Santa even came to visit! Both girls exchanged gifts with other classmates.

Addyson got a Dora doll form Maddie. And from her teachers (Ms Lindsey and Ms Andrea) she received a big silver bell -- she loves ringing it. Addyson also made a snowman ornament (the fingers of the hand print are snowmen), a card and a cinnamon doll ornament. Love all of the hand made gifts!

Campbell received a 1st Sound Baby Walkman from Drew. From her teachers, Ms Cheryl and Ms Alice she received a book. Campbell made us a card and a boot (painted purple with her footprints as snowman).

Unfortunately only Campbell sat on Santa's lap!

This is the closest Addyson would get to Santa - I think only 3 of her classmates
actually sat on Santa's lap, he didn't have a lot of fans!

Addyson and Campbell's gifts from their friends at the daycare .

We thought we would try another visit with Santa and a visit that included breakfast so we would have time to warm up to him. Unfortunately, this didn't work. Addyson was not interested in sitting on his lap.

After Santa visited us on Christmas Addyson did say that he wasn't scary anymore and that he was nice. Maybe next year!

with Santa
Addyson and Campbell snuggling.

Campbell's Week 20 -- lots of smiling, blowing bubbles and making noises.
Addyson and Campbell in their Big Sis & Lil Sis t-shirts.
Campbell in her first bath with her big sister. It was a little tight but both girls enjoyed it!
The Brand girls

The Reed Family at Brand Christmas 2011.

Campbell with a stuffed zebra from Aunt Mallorie

Addyson with two of her presents -- a sit 'n spin and a big kitty doll that has buttons, zippers and laces to tie!
Addyson really enjoys the company of either her Uncle Steve or Mallorie's boyfriend Matt.
Tonight she helped Matt open up his presents.

Grandma Rhonda and her girls .
Addyson and Campbell in their Christmas outfits!

Campbell with her turtle gift with lots of balls to play with.

After we finished opening gifts with Grandma Rhonda we decided to drive around Versailles and look at Christmas lights - which Addyson really enjoys!  About twenty minutes into the drive she started to drift off. Right before Addyson fell asleep she saw Santa in a yard and said "Santa, I love him!" Too cute! I think next year she won't think he is so scary and will be ready to sit on Santa's lap.

All of the parties must have wore Addyson out. On Christmas morning, finally around 8:30 we had to go into the kitchen and make noise to wake Addyson up. (She usually wakes up around 6:30 / 7!) She must have forgotten that Santa was coming.
The Christmas tree before the girls woke up on Christmas morning.
Addyson ready to open presents.

Campbell can't believe Santa came!

Opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Too much excitement for Cam - big yawn!

Nope, just tired of sitting up! Ready for some wrapping paper.

Santa brought lots of new games for Addyson.
Best part of this picture - notice the wrapping paper on Cam's head. This happened numerous times during the morning.

After all the presents were opened - not too messy! Addyson had to move her chair over to
 the tree so she could feed her baby and stay in the scene.

Addy loved her Cabbage Patch Doll and bottles that Santa brought her. She wanted to stop unwrapping presents and feed her baby -- such a good little mommy!
Below are videos of Addyson opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Reed.
(editor's note: Addy has an old camera of ours and a toy camera - both that do not working.)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 19

The Christmas Season is on us. St Nick came to visit us and gave the girls each pajamas and a few books. Our elf, Angel, even cam to visit us. Addy gave Angel his name and searches for him every morning. St Nick also brought Addyson and Campbell a letter and a video.

Addyson loves watching the Santa video and eagerly nods when Santa asks her if she has been good! Click on this link to watch the Santa video, and at the bottom of the blog there is a video of her watching it, too cute. 

Campbell at 19 Weeks -- getting so big!
Addyson and a gift from Grandma and Grandpa

Addyson reading Santa's letter

Campbell happy that Addyson is so far away!
Oh, and Cam is a little concern! Addy, not so much!

Addyson getting her Elf on a Shelf doll.

This is a video of Addyson watching her Santa video,
pretty funny watching her talk to the big man.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

WEEK 17 & 18

Week 17 and Campbell started cooing this week. And of course lots of smiles! Love it!
During Week 18 Campbell had her 4 month well check. Her stats:
weight: 12lbs 15oz (50%)
length: 25 3/4" (95%)
head circum: 16 3/4" (90%)
She has stayed pretty consistent with her 2mo visit as far as percentiles go.

This week we realized how big Campbell is getting. For instance we still her her in the "infant net" in the bathtub, which practically puts her outside of the tub. Without the net Campbell can really get in there and kick at the water, which puts water everywhere outside of the tub! She enjoys it though. We also broke out the small highchair so she can sit at the dinner table with us. Cam was probably thinking, "Geeze, it's about time. Let me get in on this action"

Addyson is such a proud big sister.

Grandma Reed made the girls knitted hats for the winter.
The girls are showing them off.
We have been trying really hard to potty train Addyson in the last few months. It's going okay, just slow. We are keeping out fingers crossed that one morning she will wake up and say "I'm done with diapers!!" She definitely knows what is going on. The last few days she has been saying she wants to do it be hersefl -- which is hopefully a good sign!
Grandma Brand helping Addyson stay focused on the potty.

The Brand girls came over and made Christmas cookies last week. Of course Addy was a big helper.

A big helper at taste testing it appears....

Addyson helping make cookies

Addy showing Kyley how to put the right amount of sprinkles on the cookies. Addyson also chose the yellow frosting color -- yellow!

We had the Magoteaux "Thank-Mas" party at Bob and Shirley's on Saturday. Addyson got a soccer net and ball from Uncle Mike (her godfather) and Aunt Diane. We set it up in the house the next day and she loves it. Funny part is she likes the little orange cones the most -- they look like bowls, so she is serving up all kinds of soup and macaroni for everyone.

At the party there were a lot of girls that wanted to hold Campbell -- especially the Dirksen girls! Hailey was able to rock Campbell asleep at the end of the night -- even with all of the action going on around them. I think we might have some great babysitters in a few years!!

Right after Campbell hit her 4 month birthday she rolled over for the first time. Jeff was laying on the floor with her and watching football, he put her on her belly on the floor beside him, and looked away. When he looked back she was laying on her back. Shocked, he rolled her over again and was able to capture it on video.  Of course Mom was not around and missed this milestone!

And, of course, not to be outdone by Campbell, Addyson started to belt out the Hokey Pokey. It is amazing what she learns from daycare!