Thursday, September 22, 2011

Campbell -- Week 7

The weeks are just slipping by...unfortunately so is maternity leave. Just a few more weeks left before I have to go back to work. Hopefully the transition back to "normal" life will go better than what I am anticipating.
Week #7 with a half smile.
Sisterly love
Last weekend Campbell spent her first weekend away from Mom and Dad. We went on our annual "GWE" (Greatest Weekend Ever) trip to Indy for the Browns vs Colts game. Mom survived her first night "out", Campbell survived her first weekend away from Mom and Dad, Addyson couldn't wait to spend the weekend away from Mom and Dad, and the Browns won....I would consider the weekend a success! (Jeff's weekend...well that's for a different you hon! :) )

Our BIG GWE group. Notice the 2 decked out Browns buses behind us.

The view from Mom and Dad's seats at Lucas Oil Stadium -- the very top row!

What Addyson did with her aunts -- she learned how to drive!
 Now as far as Campbell goes we are starting to capture more of her smiles. She seems to smile the most when I get her out of her crib and change her diaper. I think she is very excited to see me...or just happy to get a new diaper. We will never know.
Campbell waking up happy!
More smiles....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Campbell -- Week 6

Time is flying by!!  Our baby girl is 6 weeks old - can't believe it. She is a lot more alert, holding her head up better and we are even getting a few smiles out of her. She really makes us work for the smiles though!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Campbell - Week 5

Well we didn't have an overly busy Labor Day weekend, however we do have a lot of pictures! Most of them are us just enjoying time together, which is especially nice!
Campbell: Week 5 -- and Addyson being a great helper! I think Campbell is going to be our "serious" one. We did finally get an "awake" smile out of her today though.
Sisterly love
Sisters enjoying Tummy Time!
More Tummy Time -- this time Campbell used her strong legs to push herself almost all the way over the boppy. She'll do anything to get out of Tummy Time!  
Sleeping with Daddy..position 1...

Sleeping with Daddy...position 2...

Some pictures of what Addy has been doing.

Addyson and Mallorie reading the newspaper...not sure who is reading to who though! ;)
We took Addyson to her first real movie - drive-in style. We saw Smurfs at Starlight Drive-in. She was definitely more interested in the snacks that we brought along. She was very excited though - both before and after going.
Mom, Addyson and Dad at the drive-in.
(What a difference since the last time Mom and Dad went to the drive-in!)