Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 33

Holy cow week 33 is upon us. It was another fun week and we took pictures early because we are heading to Atlanta for the weekend for a wedding. Addyson is staying with Grandma and Grandpa Brand this weekend. So that is why we suprised you with pictures and updates early.
Addyson has her second tooth coming in, you can see it right next to the first one. She is chewing on everything, I think because of that new toof-er...

We liked the pictures from the photographer so much we thought we would try it ourselves at home. Not quite as nice, but she still looks cute as a button.

Today at daycare they painted Addysons toenails pink and put a rubberband in her hair, and it stood straight up. Very funny stuff.

Here is a close up of the hair before we took it out.

O-H-I-O Go Bucks!!
Tomorrow is wear your sports spirit clothes at daycare, gotta go with the Buckeyes!!!

Here is a video of us all playing around getting ready to pack for the weekend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 32

32 weeks and counting....
This week Addyson started to clap - she intently watches us clap and then realizes she, too, can join in on the fun. She is also, finally, getting the hang of rolling over. Awhile ago she learned how to roll form her back to tummy (on her right side) but never knew how to get back over. This week she figured it out and is slowly started to enjoy her added ability to get around a bit.
Addyson hanging out with her cute hat.
The Roscoes stayed over Saturday night after the Film Festival. We were able to relax and visit on Sunday morning - Addyson and Madelyn Roscoe chiling out on the floor.

Addyson, Kara and Jared playing in the jumpy at Mark and Marie's house at the Francis Family Film Festival. Everyone had a great time, what a perfect night for a movie out under the stars.
Addyson will probably enjoy this a bit more in a year. A little grumpy about having to wear the hat. Doing some sort of leg exercise, we think??

Addyson and Madalyn showing off.

Kyley reading a bedtime story to Addyson - she just smiles and loves to hear mom sound out all the voices from the stories. Fun to watch her face as Kyley reads, so engaged in the story.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 31

We had another great week for Week 31.
This picture makes her look all short and chubby. She is gaining some healthy weight but definetly not getting fat yet.
We are working on rolling over more often, Doc says she needs to be doing this more now, so we are going to make sure she is the best at it. It is fun playing games to get her to roll over.
We had our Cousins David and Jessica Magoteaux's wedding this weekend. Jeff was a groomsman and Addyson got to wear her new yellow dress, very cute! Congratulations to Dave and Jessica. It was great to see all the family again for another Magoteaux wedding.
Addyson wearing her I love New York T-shirt.

Addyson rolling over, we have to put toys at the top of her head just out of reach so she will roll over to grab them. Pretty fun stuff, and then we chear when she rolls over, and she is all smiles.

Bathtime....with our rubby duckies. When you take a duck out of her hands and put it into the water, she gets all excited and saves the duck from drowning. Funny we introduced another one, and she can't figure out which one she likes the best, and can only hold onto one duck at a time, pretty funny watching her try to hold onto both at the same time.

Our big girl playing in the living room

Just after rolling over, nothing too cool in the video, just like posting them :)

Okay I had to add one more DUCKY Video...funny stuff

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 30

One more week has past. It is quite amazing how quickly the last 6 (almost 7) months have gone by - and how drastically our lives have changed. And of course we wouldn't change any of it. Addyson is a terrific baby girl. She definitely makes every day better!
Addyson continues to master new things every day - including riding in the baby seat of a grocery cart, eating paper and not liking peas.

A few pic sof Addyson snuggling in our bed after her bath.
Example of Addyson eating paper... ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 29

Addyson's first tooth finally popped through this weekend! It slowed her down a little bit - runny nose, cough and a little fever - but overall she was a brave little girl. We also had visitors all the way from S. Carolina - Grandma Denise and Grandpa Rex - unfortunately we didn't get any pictures. Will definitely have to next time!
Our first attempt at trying to get the weekly picture. Notice there was no paper - as soon as she saw or heard the paper she became Ms Grabby.
Gummin' on a cracker.
Okay - make sure you take a good look at the next 3 pictures. We got a chuckle out of them. You may even need to blow it up (just click on the pic).
As Addyson gets tired of eating she likes to rub her eyes and then her entire head, including her hair. So, when her hands are full of green beans this is what you get! She even has green beans in her eye lashes.
feed me more green beans.....
tired of this....
Fighting crime in her superbaby cape!
Addyson's dance moves.

Addyson riding the pony!